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- Is your siding plagued with a green film? On average, most car owners wash their cars once a month yet can leave their homes unwashed for years. When left unwashed, mold can permanently stain siding. Prevent the damage from mold and mildew to your number one investment by having your vinyl and aluminum siding power washed. T. You won't believe your eyes when you see the difference Veteran Power Wash can make to your home, all while improving your property value.

Decks and Fencing - Is your deck bleached white from the sun or splitting from water and mold damage? Deck restoration is Veteran Power Wash's specialty. Don't let the elements destroy your investment. Breathe new life into your deck by washing all the brown and black signs of age away. Let us get rid of the environmental damage and discoloration to revitalize the natural color and wood grain texture of your wood.

Concrete Flatwork - Is your driveway, patio or sidewalk plagued with signs of tire traffic and mold? Get your concrete back to its new original look with Veteran Power Wash's concrete flatwork service. Have environmental agents, such as mold and stains washed away. Boost your curb appeal with a pearly white driveway and sidewalk.

Brick Flatwork - Is your brick discolored, grout collecting mold, or even crumbling? Don't let moss and mold eat away at your brick. Get your brickwork back to its natural look with Veteran Power Wash's brick flatwork service. Eliminate signs of wearing and age by washing the discoloration and environmental damage away.

Gutters - Are your gutters filled with leaves, pine needles or even plants? Free up the clogs with Veteran Power Wash's gutter service to allow your gutters to do what they were meant for, to protect your house. Maintain the life of your gutters and roof by keeping them clean and clear. We don't just free clogs, we wash away years of grime to help prevent future backups.

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