Rush Spring '08!

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Considering rushing SAE? The rush page of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at SU explains some of the nuances of rushing, pledging and fraternity life in general. To learn even more about rushing SAE it is best to attend one of our rush meetings.

All brothers are eager to tell of their great experiences as active members of our chapter but perhaps the best person to ask is our Rush Chair--Randy Utz. Our Rush Chair is the undergraduate brother whose job it is to make your life easier when trying to make one of the most decisive decisions of your college career.

Before we were brothers of SAE most of us were totally clueless as to the the different aspects of fraternity life like rushing, pledging and even becoming an active member. Because of this, we hope shed light on the many aspects of our fraternity, what it means to us, and hopefully what it will soon mean to you.

Questions and Answers

The following questions have been compiled over the years by many undergraduates just like yourself and are answered by the brothers of SAE.

What does rushing entail?

Rushing simply entails getting to know the brothers of SAE at SU. This, in turn, means fun. Best of all, rushing SAE requires no commitment, so come by to one of our interest meetings and check us out.

What's the difference between rushing and pledging?

In short, rushing is about getting know the fraternity and pledging is about taking the first step to become part of the fraternity.

How do I become a rush?

The best way to start rushing SAE is to go to an interest meeting.

Who is eligible to rush?

Although there are various factors from SAE and Salisbury University that decide which individuals are chosen as pledges, there is no formal requirement for our rushes. Anyone can Rush SAE.

Why should I rush?

You should rush for the same reason that you chose to go to college--for the experience of expanding your education and to open up more opportunities for your future.

How long does rush last?

Our rush period is 6 weeks long.

Do I have to go to rush meetings to rush SAE?

You aren't required to go to every rush meeting but it is definitely encouraged. Rush meetings not only let you learn about SAE, they also let you stay up to date with the latest events.

What type of guys does SAE look for to rush?

Our chapter of SAE is incredibly diverse, but in general, we look for motivated, friendly, and intelligent rushes.

Do brothers get incentives for rushing people?

Absolutely not. If a brother suggested that you rush SAE, it is probably because he thinks that you would make a good brother.

What does it mean to be a "legacy" and how do I find out if I am one?

Legacies are simply relatives of other brothers. If you are related to an SAE, then you are a legacy.