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Behind the scenes, an SAE fraternity chapter is operated much like a business, and as such, there are many positions that are held by brothers in order to keep our fantastic machine well oiled. Positions are great opportunities for brothers of SAE to gain valuable experience outside of the classroom. Positions are just one more way that our fraternity prepares brothers for the high paced working world.

Below is a list of positions, the brothers who fill them, and their quarterly reports.

Eminent Archon: Roger Sexeur


Report: I have had a lot of fun as EA this semester. We participated in some of our usual events such as Punkin Chunkin which as usual was a blast . We were happy to see a lot of our alumni at punkin chunkin and really got to build better relations with them. We still are looking forward to Regents cup which is the Salisbury Vs. Frostburg football game on November 10th in Annapolis. We would love to see as many of our Alumni there as possible as well. The game will be held at Navy Marine Corp. Stadium and starts at 2. One of the most important things we have done this semester is become a part of a mentor program for local kids. All of our members will be participating in this program that involves an hour a week with an underprivileged child. So far the semester has been great and I am looking forward to going out strong.
Phi Alpha,

Eminent Deputy Archon: Devin Alexander

Recorder: Jonathan Londsdale

Email: jl17533@students.salisbury.edu

Report: As the Eminent Recorder for Sigma Alpha Epsilon's Maryland Sigma Chapter, it is important to keep a steady and reliable stream of communication among the entire brotherhood. Notices of community service activities, academic opportunities, events on and off of campus, as well as general news about alumni and the fraternity are provided on a regular basis. Salisbury University has much to offer us and it is important that it is brought to everyones attention.
Phi Alpha,

Correspondent: Rich Croce


Report: As Maryland Sigma's Correspondent, I've taken pride in keeping Salisbury University's Sigma Alpha Epsilon alumni in the loop, using a news quarterly to do so throughout the school year. I do my best to deliver an informative, enjoyable read, and as I stated in this semester's first newsletter I'd appreciate any feedback you could send my way (next time I'll try to get the year right).
Phi Alpha,

Deputy Treasurer: Daniel Wolkstein

Treasurer:John Richards

Chronicler: Joey Kopajtic

Deputy Warden: Ross OShea

Warden: Sam Bogage

Chaplain: Dan Mazuk

Risk Manager: Steve Sanzaro

Preceptor: Steven Prosser

EMail: sp19917@students.salisbury.edu

Report: This semester as Preceptor for the SAE chapter of Salisbury University I was able to formally Initiate the pledge class Beta Mu into our chapter ranks. The 5 new members were initiated at the scarborough Greek leadership center on october 8th by Ray Nicholaus. I have also been able to formally install the current pledge class Beta Nu, and we wish them the best of luck in their endeavour to join our beloved order.
Phi Alpha,

Deputy Rush: Timmy Trail

Rush Chair: Randy Utz

EMail: ru16903@students.salisbury.edu

Report: As we all know, recruitment is a 365 day a year job, and Maryland Sigma is always looking for the next true gentlemen to emerge at Salisbury University. The formal rush program this semester lasted four weeks and included such events as flag football, BBQs, and other gatherings of brothers and rushes. This being our third Fall semester with deferred rush (freshman cannot pledge), I think we might have figured out the key to overcoming this challenge. When all is said and done, we extended eight bids for this semester. We also extended fourteen promisary bids to 1st semester freshmen, so they are guaranteed a bid next semester if they chose to except. Overall recruitment went well this semester, and as I mentioned earlier, we here at Sigma Alpha Epsilon are always looking for Salisbury University's next leaders.
Phi Alpha,

Pledge Educator: Isaac Truitt

Social Chairman: Jason Collins

Banquet Chairman: Roger Sexauer

Song Beast: Termaine Bullock

Scholarship: Timmy Trail

Athletic Chairman: Zach Long

Publicity: Ray Nicholas

EMail: rn20138@students.salisbury.edu

As the publicity chairman of the SAE chapter of Salisbury University, Maryland Sigma, I have contacted Chris Hauge and he will be coming to speak to the chapter about alcohol awareness and have a meet and greet with brothers. In addition, I have informed The Daily Times and The Flyer about our community service events, and also began promoting Rich and I's radio show that will touch on greek life here at SU.
Phi Alpha,

Web Designer/Marketer: Eric Buhlman

EMail: ericbuhlman@gmail.com

Report: I am pleased to announce the our new website. This website was created to more effectively promote our chapter and improve communications with rushes, SAE alumni, and Salisbury University. New features for the site include helpful reference information to rushes, a new site for our community project Magazines 4 Morale, and also a page to donate to the chapter.
Phi Alpha,

Fundraiser: Noah Pierce

Housing Correspondent: Timmy Trail

Community Service: Rich Croce


Report: Maryland Sigma's community service is ambitious as any organization at Salisbury University. Between Brother Eric Buhlman's ongoing efforts with Magazines 4 Morale, our role as big brothers to local youths in the Wicomico Mentor Project, assisting our area's humane society, adopt a highway, and our adoption of 11 year old Khaly Mbaye of Senegal (through the Christian Children's Fund), Sigma Alpha Epsilon has broken new ground all the while simultaneously remaining as consistent as ever with regards to community service activities we've done in previous semesters.
Phi Alpha,

Deputy Paddy Murphy:

Paddy Murphy:

Deputy Punk'n Chunk'n:

Punk'n Chunk'n: Dave Sciamarelli

SGA Chairman: Dan Wolkstein

IFC Chairman: Mike Sullivan, Travis Mahaffey

Greek Council: Jonathan Londsdale (Greek Council President)

Brothers at Large: Joey Kopajtic

Past Eminent Archon's: Dave Mueller