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When you are a brother of SAE, you are a brother for life. Becoming an alumni is in many respects the next level of being a brother. There have been many business and community leaders that have seized this next level. If you are trying to decide if SAE is the right move for you as an undergraduate, this page will familiarize you with some of the stories of our chapter's Alumni. If you are an Alumni, use this page to get updated on the latest chapter news and to get on Maryland Sigma's mailing list.

Prominent Chapter Alumni

Michael Scarborough:
Scarborough is a founder of our SAE chapter at Salisbury University and is currently the founder of the Scarborough Group. The Scarborough group is a prominent financial management company that deals with clients all over the world.

Scarborough was also granted the supreme honor of being elected as Sigma Alpha Epsilon's national president! He has benefit Maryland Sigma with donations such as the million dollar Scarborough leadership center located just across Camden Avenue from Salisbury University. He is a testimate to the SAE teachings at SU and continues to be an inspiration to all the brothers of our chapter.

Alumni Testimonials

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Prominent National Alumni

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