Magazines 4 Morale News

SAE Holds Magazines 4 Morale

By Diana Westenberger
Originally printed in "The Flyer,"
Salisbury University's student run newspaper.

There is finally a way for students at SU to give back to the deployed troops in Iraq. Magazines 4 Morale was started by Eric Buhlman, a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and his brother Alex Buhlman, a veteran of Iraq. The program is designed to collect different types of media around campus to send to the troops.

"I Created Magazines 4 Morale in an effort to do something new and truly effective for SAE's community service," said Eric.

The program will resemble the Toys for Tots program; collecting items in different spots around campus. New or used books, movies, magazines, and letters of thanks are some of the items SAE is looking to collect.

According to Eric, it is important to SAE that something is done so students are able to show their appreciation to the troops. Support for troops is often displayed in the form verbal pronouncements without much action being taken. SAE wants to back up their words by starting Magazines 4 Morale to demonstrate their appreciation of the soldiers.

Many other collections for the troops ask for basic staples such as soap, food and clothing, but SAE is collecting different types of media in an understanding that soldiers need some sense of entertainment.

"My brother served in Iraq twice and what he and others wanted most was entertainment," said Eric.

Currently SAE has 15 collection bins around campus. Each dorm is equipped with a bin that can be found in RA offices. The library, bookstore and student activities center are also homes to collection bins.

SAE would eventually like to expand Magazines 4 Morale outside of the SU Campus to local Salisbury businesses. The are also hoping that education majors who are student teaching will get their students involved by writing letters of thanks to add to the packages.

Many people think the life of a soldier is a constant moving one with no down time at all. In actuality, soldiers have time take a break and need something to help pass this difficult time. Any types of entertainment donations will be greatly appreciated by the men in SAE and especially by the troops. Donations for postage on the packages are also strongly encouraged and appreciated. SAE would like to get SU students as involved and as passionate about the program as they are. "With the help of SU students," said Eric "we will raise more than just magazines. We will raise morale."