About Magazines 4 Morale

What makes Magazines 4 Morale different from other troop donation organizations is that we don't just deliver baby powder, band aids and other bathroom supplies. Although things of this sort are useful, what deployed troops really need during their down time is morale. We deliver morale by raising entertainment media. Popular contributions are listed below.

Why should I donate entertainment?

In short, because that's what the troops want most. After interviewing several veterans of the Operation Iraqi Freedom, we found that they were nearly always short on entertainment. Although the life of a soldier can be extremely fast paced, there is also a lot of down time. It is Magazines 4 Moral's goal to make that downtime as enjoyable as possible. With your donations, we will raise more than media, we will raise morale!

Popular Donations

Your Donations can include anything, but most choose the following:
- Magazines
- Books
- DVDs
- Music
- Video Games
- Even letters of appreciation!

Magazines 4 Morale is a small organization, so you know your donation is shipped directly to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. To see some troops that have already benefited from your help please visit the "The Troops" page.